10 Myths around Healthy Living

All of us believe that we lead very healthy lives, after all we eat well, we occasionally exercise and we feel healthy. However, most of us do not realise that some of these so called healthy living practices that we follow are actually not contributing to our body’s well being and are just part of the global folklore.

  1. Vitamins will increase your strength and endurance: Most vitamins just get washed away in the urine before the body can assimilate them. They only work as supplements, and cannot replace the nutrition provided by food.
  2. Skipping breakfast is the best way to lose weight :  It is not. A good healthy breakfast will prevent you from snacking later and will give you the energy you need to start the day well.
  3. All fat is bad for you: Your body needs fat is some form, so if you cut it out, it will leave no reserves in your body. What is important is to concentrate on the type of fat you eat.
  4. Some foods are all bad : This is not true. All foods are not inherently bad, it is how your body adapts to them that is important. Some foods may be good for you, some may not suit you at all. Though it can be said that some foods like processed foods might actually be bad.
  5. If you are exercising regularly, you will never be sick: The body had various reasons to fall sick, exercise only helps to keep you healthy and less likely to get minor illnesses
  6. Chocolates are bad for you : Not necessarily, they are bad if you eat them in large quantities. A small amount will give you an energy boost.
  7. I do not need too much sleep : You may not, but your body does need the sleep. It needs rest.
  8. Health check-ups are only needed for the older generation : Wrong, all of us need it no matter how young we are.
  9. Fruits and vegetables are only needed for the vegetarians : Once again you have to remember that your body needs all types of food. Do not avoid any.
  10. I can cope with the stress, I am healthy : No one can cope with the stress for long periods. It will take its toll somewhere.

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