5 Reasons to Live Healthy

There are many reasons for healthy, active living (definitely more than 5)… and all the reasons are just as important as one another. Really, they are not to be seen separately. All your reasons support each other like bricks work together to support a house.


Healthy active living will relieve stress and allow you to handle problems better. Stress can be brought on by many things: work, diet, family, friends, holidays, too much caffeine, not enough sleep, kids, parents… the list goes on and on. Healthy living is a great way to help you deal with day-to-day problems. After working out, your body releases endorphins that give you a sense of euphoria, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Just 30 minutes a day will change the rest of your life. When you embrace a healthy lifestyle, you start becoming more efficient and focused at whatever you do. If you say you don’t have time to work out, what you’re really saying is that you’d prefer to be stressed out.


In addition to being a fat burner, healthy living relieves you of the slavery to another diet. Forget about dieting. Instead, make small changes in the way you eat… with the intention of changing the way you eat FOREVER. But, be realistic… have balance and allow for slippage. It takes self-control and self-discipline, but you can eat a lot of foods that other people can’t eat if you change your overall lifestyle. Why? Healthy living involves exercising… which burns off lots of calories, meaning you can spoil yourself every now and then.


A healthy lifestyle raises the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can use by almost 50%. This means more energy and less dependency on caffeine, just in case you’re a heavy coffee drinker. It also means you will have to drink more water which is good for all systems in the body and improves memory.


Even if you only begin your exercise routine with 5 minutes and you build from there… you will still experience a great degree more confidence in everything you say and do. Afraid to tell a girl you like her? Start working out you will notice your body and mind improving together. You’ll notice your poor self-esteem being replaced by a new sense of self-assurance. And you’ll find that confidence can make a huge difference in virtually EVERY area of your life.


YOU are the most important reason to embrace a healthy lifestyle. All other reasons stem from you, because you are the root. If you love yourself (and you should), then a healthy active lifestyle is a good way to express it. It allows you to prove what your body and mind are truly capable of. Ask around…virtually NO ONE has ever felt worse about themselves after starting a workout routine. It may be difficult at first, but after you get over the 3-day hump you will start to build a passion for it (or at least some tolerance!) and you will look at yourself in a whole new light. Your entire perspective can change… as you begin to see the world as full of opportunities instead of obligations.

You can still be a good person and not have a reason for livingĀ a healthy life, but if you understand the reasons for healthy active living than you can still become a BETTER person. Healthy living is about always trying to improve one’s life. It’s a journey not a destination. Enjoy the journey!

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10 Responses to “5 Reasons to Live Healthy”

  1. jjray Says:

    “After working out, your body releases endorphins”. What if your workout consists of walking for 45 minutes? Or do you have to get your heart rate up to get the endorphin release?

  2. Assurance habitation canada Says:

    REASON #1 is you’ll be more happy!

  3. Warren Says:

    uugh…I’m still smooking today…please give one any or other to quit. I want it, but i can’t, as I wanna quit, but I still need it, yes, need the cigarette….!

  4. Sarah White Says:

    i agree with u. if we don’t care to our live now, we will get the effect when we old. so, we must starting helthy live from now.

  5. Pete from Mens Health Magazine Says:

    Hi, great tips there.

    Perhaps I could add No.6? Your family! If you have kids, or even a partner, then you owe it to them to keep yourself healthy to avoid them having to take care of you too early in your retirement… Don’t wait until you retire, get fit, stay fit and enjoy life! – What better role model!

  6. James from Philips 42 LCD TV Says:

    @Warren – believe it, or not, stopping smoking really is a case of willpower. I smoked my last cigarette over two years ago (without the aid of patches, gum, etc) and I feel great. I even got back into long distance running which I taken part since about 2001 (it’s a great stress reliever). Anyway, good luck.

  7. aldi Says:

    Just 30 minutes a day will change the rest of your life…. yes you right, but too bad most of people cant do it.

  8. jon-jon from songs Says:

    Reason # 1 truly deserves Reason number 1 place.

    Everything you see here there, dieting , health products etc.

    You can only change yourself. You need to be more practical in these sort of things.

    Working hard can be pretty massively tough but slowly slowly an individual can progress towards work out and dieting and such.

  9. Coffee Says:

    Exercise helps your heart and blood veins, have you ever had a charlie horse? the main cause of one is poor circulation, a healthy heart beats stronger which gets blood farther through your body, in less beats, your heart is a muscle it gets tired just like anything else. In short healthy heart equals living longer.

  10. Eddie from Family Law Solicitors London Says:

    I really think that living a healthy lifestyle just makes you feel better. I’ve always exercised by recently I’ve started easting much healthier and it makes me feel mor alive. Having said that, I’ve just eaten a chocaolate bar.

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