5 Tips for Eating Healthy in College

Are you worried about your health? If you think you need to get more active and healthy in college, then it’s about time that you change your lifestyle and eating habits. Remember, a healthy mind and body can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s begin with proper diet and good nutrition. Here are five tips for eating healthy in college:

1. Don’t skip meals. How many times have you heard this line but kept on doing otherwise? Eating regular meals will keep your body healthy because regular food intake is essential in stabilizing nutrient and energy levels. When you eat regularly, you can avoid taking unnecessary meals. Make it a habit to eat breakfast everyday, especially before you go to school. Fruit, milk, and whole grains are good sources of fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamins to start your day.

2. Eat the right food. A college student like you needs to meet daily vitamin and mineral requirements to stay fit. Why not try to eat iron and vitamin B rich food to fuel your brain cells? You can try some red meat, cereals, spinach, and other green leafy vegetables which are full of iron. You can also add some whole grains, eggs, and nuts which are rich in vitamin B. Fish and peanuts are also good sources of nutrition.

3. Take in whole food items. Whole food items such as bananas, carrots, and apples are rich in vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and beta carotene. So make it a daily habit to include these foods in your diet.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables. Fruits are good sources of sugar so when you’re always on the go, try to munch on some fruits to boost your energy. Natural sugars in fruits are better than other sweets such as chocolates and candies. On the other hand, you can also try some power vegetables like spinach, lettuce, bell pepper, sweet potatoes, and broccoli to boost your immune system.

5. Learn how to prepare healthy foods. Finally, you can eat your way to a healthier body by getting simple recipes for healthy foods. When you have time, you can practice making your own healthy meal.

As you can see, there are some great ways to become more active, as well as healthy throughout your college years.

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2 Responses to “5 Tips for Eating Healthy in College”

  1. David from fire damage restoration company Says:

    My daughter lives in a hostel in Canada where she is studying and when I recently saw a picture she posted on Facebook, I was shocked to see the amount of weight she had lost. When I spoke to her about it yesterday, she told me that she was not able to eat properly as she did not get the time and that really got me worried as a growing 17 year old girl needs to eat healthy and be fit. Thank you for giving these simple and easy to follow tips, they will surely help her eat healthy and stay healthy. Will be sending this to her just now. Thanks again.

  2. jack from stainless steel sinks double bowl Says:

    Its always the issue with junk food diet of college students. Its very true that a healthy mind and body can help you achieve your goals. College is the place where a child grows to become an adult. And if in this phase they are prone to unhealthy diet then it will definately be going to affect their future. They need to be educated about the healthy diet that they should follow. Also they should be made aware of the ill-effects of the unhealthy food. Thank you for posting this! You have made an attempt to make these college students be aware of what healthy diet is all about.

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