Heart attacks are among the primary killers of women, specially over the age of 60. Women tend to take less care of themselves, and they also do not exercise regularly. Chaotic schedules and erratic eating habits also add to their problems. But if they follow a few guidelines, they decrease their risks of getting heart disease in any form.

Women must exercise regularly, this is also true of men, but women tend to ignore this aspect of their lives. Walking, working in the garden or going to the gym, help in building a healthy heart.

Lose weight, since overweight has been one of the major causes of heart disease worldwide. You do not need to be lean and thin, just do not be overweight.

Have a healthy diet. Women tend to be lax about their meals, particularly if they have young, active children and are running a job and a household at the same time. But by doing this they are harming themselves, and this could have long term adverse effects.

Have regular health check-ups. These can show you any warning signs that may exist and you can take remedial action immediately. Blood pressure and blood cholesterol are good pointers towards the health of your heart.

Stop smoking. Smoking is one the major causes of heart problems. Women who smoke are at greater risk of getting heart disease than men.

There are a few factors which you cannot control, such as hereditary factors, race and your age. But you can counteract them, and decrease their effects by following a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. james from air jordan Says:

    In a large Finnish study, adults over age 30 who had the lowest blood levels of vitamin D were 25 percent more likely to die from cardiovascular disease later in life than those with the highest levels.Just about everyone skips from time to time, but women with long histories of irregular cycles at age 35 have a 50 percent greater chance of eventually having a heart attack, a large Harvard study reported.

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