Advantages of regular exercise

Regular exercise can do much more for you than you realize, unless you are a doctor or personal trainer perhaps. But most people do assume that the point of exercise is to control weight, there is so much more to it than this though. Weight of course can be controlled through exercise, though a healthy diet is important as well. You could just eat less and not have excess weight despite not exercising but you wouldn’t be healthy. If you do have excess weight then exercise is the quickest way to get rid of it and if you do like your food then you can eat more if you exercise and still not put on weight, though some foods remain unhealthy.

Exercise is good for muscle tone and this is important, you may not want to be a body builder but you still need good muscles tone to look and feel healthy. Muscle tone allows you to keep going for longer during the day and to perform basic tasks such as walking to work or doing the shopping without difficulty. If you exercise you may build up a little extra muscle than you need but it will make things easier. A little muscle also fills out your skin and can make you more shapely. Of course you may like the idea, of building up some extra muscle that really shows as well but this is more to do with vanity than a basic healthy appearance.

The most important parts of your body to exercise aren’t your legs or your arms but in fact your heart and your lungs. Regular exercise is important to keep you in shape and make sure your heart which is a muscle stays strong, if you have poor lung capacity and a heart rarely exercised when you do call on them they may not work and leave you panting for breath and feeling light headed. As you get older a healthy heart is important to avoid directly related problems and to keep a good circulation that means white blood cells get around your body. Even as a younger person a good supply of oxygen and white blood cells mean you feel healthier overall and more oxygen is good for the brain.

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