Apple and Apricots Month

applepie Apple and Apricots MonthJanuary is officially apple and apricots month. With the holidays ending and all of the sugary goodness that we’ve been consuming from Halloween to New Year’s, it’s time to start the year out right with some healthy and delicious fruits. Not only are apples and apricots good to eat, but there are many ways to incorporate these sweet fruits into your daily routine. Take a look at seven ways to add more apples and apricots into your life.

  1. Eat as a snack. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, an apple (or apricot) a day is a delicious, healthy snack. Keep a basket of fruit at your desk to enjoy for a quick afternoon pick me up.
  2. Use in baking. An apple or an apricot pie is a wonderful after-dinner dessert. Grab a case of fruit at the grocery store during the month and then bake away. Bake a pie, tort, or even a layered dessert, all with the delectable fruits.Apples1 200x300 Apple and Apricots Month
  3. Use as medicine. Yes, it’s true. Apricots can be used in medicine. Apricot seeds are actually used as an herb in alternative herbal treatments, especially in Chinese medicine. Want your skin to shine? Try an apricot scrub.
  4. Make jam. These fruits, especially apricots, make delicious jams. Make a batch to eat now and then freeze some jars to use later on in the year.
  5. Dry the fruit. Dry apples and apricots in their pure form to crate dried fruit that can be used in trail mix or granola bars. Makes a great snack, plus, it helps the fruit last longer.
  6. Make a caramel apple. If you haven’t had enough sugary sweets from the holiday season, dip an apple in a pan of melted caramel for a yummy treat. Then, top with your favorite morsels like chocolate chips or walnuts.
  7. Create a drink. Apples work wonderfully in drinks of all kinds. Move beyond the traditional apple cider and try chai spiced cider, an apple shake, apple smoothie, or even an apple punch.

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37 Responses to “Apple and Apricots Month”

  1. Dixia Shi from wholesale dresses Says:

    Great posts about the benefits of eating healthy. I am a big fan of fruits and vegetables. A dietitian has put me on a fruit and vegetable diet after my run in with cancer recently. I must say at first I was very appalled at being forced to eat grass and go from being a non vegetarian to a vegetarian. But the health that it gave me has been tremendous. You have given some of the best ways to have these healthy fruits for people who are not fruit lovers, though not liking apricots and apples is a little weird as they are yummy. I endorse the drink of them as well as the pie. The double A this January will make the year a great and healthy one for all.

  2. Jack from snow ploughs Says:

    Besides exercise which is always the mundane thing, seeing something about delicious and yummy stuff was nice and refreshing. Apricots are my all time favorite, however I dislike exercising. I can munch on them and survive on them solely as food. The nutrition that you pointed out too as well as the great tips you gave for eating some delicious treats of apple and apricot were great suggestions. My wife is taking a leap from this and is just baking an apple pie. Keep the posts coming.

  3. Diana from fashion accessories Says:

    With junk food becoming more and more popular today, many people have forgotten about fruits. I remember as a child, apricots and apples were my favorites, I would eat plenty of them as my grand mother made jams and pickles, pies and puddings from them. Sadly, I have not been able to give these same joys to my kids, who missed out. We are so caught up in our city lives and the running around that my kids rarely get home made stuff. But thanks to your blog, I will try to decrease the canned food and tin stuff and try to give them some natural foods as well.

  4. Marc Derikx from Ontario Used Cars Says:

    Apple is one fruit which atleast makes some place in one’s diet. But apricot is one fruit which one usually does not include in diet. These fruits are very beneficial if one include them in their diet. In this today’s busy schedule no one is able to keep track of their diet. No one has time to sit and plan out how they make their diet healthier. Thanks for your post! You have made an attempt to make us aware of how we can make our diet healthier.

  5. Joey from sell diamonds new york Says:

    Was unaware of January being the official month of apples and appricots. Thanks for making me knwoledgeable! After December being the month full of sweets and celebrations, January must really be the month to get back to healthy food. Apples and apricots are the best options to start a healthy diet. Loved the caramel apple suggestion the most! Looking forward to try it! Thanks for your healthy post!

  6. Harry from Pool service in ct Says:

    As a child growing up, apple and apricots were my favorite and I was really glad to read a post about the same. Thanks, for this lovely post. I would suggest another article on mangoes and strawberries, odd combination but great ice cream and shake flavors. I think the one you missed out was this shakes and ice-creams, the way kids like to eat fruits, after all as we grow up, the kid in us, must still be alive.

  7. Megan from self storage gta toronto Says:

    Apples and Apricots are the best options to include in the diet to make it healthy in this month. After the sweet treat in December, there should be some or the other way to keep our mind, body and soul healthy. Including apples and apricots in the diet in variety of ways is a good approach to stay healthy. Thanks for your interesting advices for including them in the diet!

  8. George from merchant account Says:

    The fact that apricots are a medicine in China was a big shocker for me. I am a doctor and also deal with herbal medicines and in all my years of learning, I have not come across apricots used as medicine. I have heard of apple used for the same often. Anyways, I will now be prescribing apricots to patients too. And a great start will be with my two year old who loves the fruit.

  9. Andrew Witts from Chesterfield Sofa Says:

    People do not believe it when my partner who is a model and a former Miss Texas says that apricots and apples are the secret of her hour glass figure. But what you have highlighted here is a very nice piece on two fruits that have made me healthy along with love. Nice article and cheers to January for being the month of these tasty fruits.

  10. Jacob from camera for microscope Says:

    Was not aware of January month is the month of apples and apricots. Thanks for reminding me! It is true that after having sweet treat at the end of the year, its time to start the new year healthy. Your suggestions to include apples and apricots are very interesting. Apple pie is the yummiest healthy food I guess! Apricots is beneficial for skin too! I think it helps to glow skin. My wife regularly applies apricot pack to her face. That’s how I know! Thanks for your innovative suggestions for healthy diet!

  11. Jack from reviews online credit card processing Says:

    Apples is a must for staying fit. Apricots also have its own benefits. Including both of these into the diet no doubt will always remain good combination for healthy diet. When I was down due to serious health problems doctors had suggested me to be on strict health diet. I am happy to come across your post to get to know some of the interesting tips to include apples and apricots to give a little twist to my strict health diet. Thanks!

  12. Mathew from fix pc melbourne Says:

    Dried apples and apricots are interesting options for healthy diet. These just need to dried once and they can be used for long duration. But I also liked your suggestion of making a drink using them and making a caramel. After reading this I told my wife to try such interesting stuffs. She tried it once and then onwards she is excited to try such new innovative ways to keep our diet healthy. Kids and I are loving it!

  13. Sam from Best wedding photographer in Toronto Says:

    To start the day with apple makes me feel active whole day. But it becomes very difficult to include apples and apricots in the whole day diet. Due to busy schedule, following healthy diet becomes the last priority. But agree with you after having delicacies at the end of the year, its time to think about healthy diet. Apples and apricots can be experimented in variety of ways in our diet. All the suggestions provided by you are very good. Surely going to try all your tips.

  14. Thomas from Motorhome hire TAS Says:

    Was not aware of the medical use of apricot. Apricot scrub tip which you mentioned in your post has done wonders. I shared this with my wife and she is very happy to see her face glowing. Even I was amazed with the wonders of apricot. No doubt apples also have lot of benefits. But apples and apricots if used in our daily diet, will really make our diet healthy.

  15. Akbar Rosarium from wholesale flowers Says:

    I do not like apples and apricots and whatever is made of them gives me a allergy fo sorts. I often start throwing up and coughing after eating any one of the two. I visited a few doctors but all of them carried out some tests and said they could not understand the reason. Everyone says that it is a surprise that fruits are causing such a big problem to me. I thought that this point should be made, I would also like to say that I can eat all other food stuffs.

  16. Elvin from flamenco classes Says:

    Including apples and apricots in diet is the good way to stay fit. I really liked all your tips for including these in the diet. It is very difficult to follow a strict healthy diet now a days. But the suggestions which you have posted are achievable and easy. Surely going to try out some of the interesting tips advised by you to make my and my family diet healthy.

  17. Charles Ceccarelli from moveable hitch Says:

    A wonderful read for me, I love the fruits so much that I have named my dogs after these two. I had a lot of health problems but after having a juice made of the same, I was happy to have great health, a glowing skin and much better hair. Exactly a year ago, it was these same fruits that worked a miracle in my life. I am also encouraging my kids to take to eating it for their health to also benefit from consuming it.

  18. Jennet from How To Buy A Web Address Says:

    I use apricot scrub for my face and by seeing the result I would really suggest this to everyone. It really helps in getting back the glow of the skin. It is really amazing! Never tried to include apples and apricots in diet. I make apple pie sometimes. But your creative suggestions for using apples and apricots to make healthy diet are interesting. Surely going to try out some of them!

  19. James from IP CCTV Says:

    Apples and apricots would make healthy diet interesting! Using apricots in jams will really help in making children’s diet also healthy. This way children will also love eating them. Including them as they are would not make one feel to have them. Your tips are interesting to include them. Also is is very useful to follow healthy diet after such sweet treats in December.

  20. James from billet grilles Says:

    I find it really difficult to avoid eating apricots and apples during this month. My mom makes jams, pickles and juices of these fruits as they are yummy and my favorites. I have a dislike for other fruits and so it is literally make hay when the sun shines for my mother who feels she needs to stuff me with the year stock of fruits during this time. Anyways I do not complain much as I really enjoy eating the delicacies.

  21. Terry from clogged drain Says:

    After reading your post, it has inspired to me to start taking apples and apricots in my diet to make it healthy. As Christmas and New year celebrations have increased my calories, it is now the time to make my diet healthy. I would like to involve apples and apricots in my diet using some of the interesting suggestions you posted. All the tips are exciting to try!

  22. Jack from locking residential mailboxes Says:

    Fruits are something that I enjoy a lot and am thrilled that you have written a monthly card of the same. I look forward to the fruit of the season or the month as the case maybe and I try to have as much of it as possible and I would like to add that perhaps that is the secret of my health. I am 75 years old and am in the pink of health. I have rarely been to the hospital, besides for my cataract operation and the birth of my sons, i have never seen a doctor nor the hospital. I love fruits and would recommend them to everyone for a healthy life.

  23. Alex from metal gutter covers Says:

    Apricots and apples, yummy, I just love January because these two are in plenty. It was great to see someone who has a similar love and appetite for the two fruits writing a blog. I do not mind, if they are pickles or jams, or even juices or plain, I just love munching them. But global warming has caused their prices to soar which is not good to see.

  24. Emily from loading ramps for sale Says:

    Apples can do wonders if included in diet. I have experienced positive results when I was advised by my dietician to loose some weight. As I am a part time actress it is very important for me to be in perfect shape. But I have not tried apricots in my diet. After reading your post I am planning to include apricots also in my diet and use apricot scrub for my skin. Excited to experiment!

  25. Jeo from trade show promotional items Says:

    Drying fruits that you have suggested here is a thing from my mother and grand mother’s age. Today, women have no time to dry fruits, make pickles and jams. I suggested this to my partner and she looked at me as though I was crazy. Great suggestion, will try doing this myself during my holidays. Love the taste of those dry fruits and jams, that way the fruit was available throughout the year.

  26. Thomas from Women clothing wholesale Says:

    My young son hates the sound of fruits and refuses to eat them. I do not know what type of allergy he has to them. But after reading your post, I suggested that my wife make juices and jams of the fruits and give him. You will not believe what happened. My son totally loved the taste of apples and apricots and has dished all his junk food in favor of having them whenever he is hungry, it is a miracle. A great way to get children to eat fruits and vegetables that they dislike. Please keep the posts coming.

  27. Steve from premot pc access Says:

    Was not aware of medicinal use of apricots. After reading your post got to know about its wonders in medicine. Chinese people have made an excellent use of the apricot seeds which are rather included in waste. Your suggestions like making jams with apples, apple smoothies, caramel apple are some of the interesting tips which would make children and also adults go crazy!

  28. David from House addition LA Says:

    My eight year old son is autistic and suffers from many other complications, but one thing he loves to eat are fruit punches, juices and jams. He does not eat solid food due to his condition and the doctors have suggested that he eat fruits to make up for his dismal energy intake. I am very happy that you have written this article. I hope many more people benefit from fruit diets. Me and my wife also have started eating only fruits and we are all very healthy.

  29. Renny from Says:

    Kick starting new year with healthy diet is a good suggestion. I have made a resolution to loose weight this year and for this, your post has given me some of the interesting tips to follow. Also these suggestions are very useful for my family’s health. Due to my husband’s busy schedule it is my responsibility to keep him healthy. He had suffered lot of health problems previously. Including apples and apricots in diet will prove healthy I guess.

  30. Renny from toronto dentists Says:

    Kids are the ones who don’t like to eat fruits. But by including them in such creative ways in diet would make them tempt to eat. Also I have tried using many home made products for my skin but the apricot scrub is one of the effective home made remedy to make your skin glow. It really works! The use of apricots and apples in diet would really help in staying fit.

  31. Theo Magen from gift baskets new york Says:

    Getting a healthy start in new year is good suggestion. By including apples and apricots in diet will just give perfect start for this. Apples are part of my diet sometimes, but I don’t include it regularly in my diet. I am foodie and love to try variety of food. And due to this passion I end up eating many unhealthy stuff. But after reading your post I have found some of the creative and interesting ways to make my diet healthy to stay fit.

  32. Denial from dedicated trucking jobs Says:

    Involving apples and apricots in diet is a great idea! At my place we indulge in variety of cuisines almost throughout the year. And we tend to forget which food is healthy. But I included following healthy diet in my new year resolution. And for this I found your post very informative and interesting too! You have given very creative ways to include apples and apricots to follow my new year resolution.

  33. Alex from computer repair dc Says:

    I love eating fruits and vegetables as my grand mother had insisted that I eat them as a child and so I did exactly that. January is apricot and apple season as you rightly pointed out here. If people eat fruits and vegetables like you have suggested it can be good for them and they will be more healthy, wealthy and wise.

  34. Zvi from plantation window shutters Says:

    Getting apples and apricots in diet would definitely make me happy! I love eating healthy and staying healthy. And to keep this passion in life alive, I always find innovative ways. This is the reason why I found your post interesting. The idea of including apples and apricots in January month is wonderful! The real joy of having these fruits in diet not just is healthy but is also a joy of enjoying them in their respective seasons of availability.

  35. Mark from Chandler auto glass Says:

    I always include following healthy diet in my new year resolution, but due to work commitments it becomes very difficult to follow. But your post has wonderful and easy steps to achieve this. Including apples and apricots in diet is such interesting ways is a good way to follow the healthy diet. I am looking forward to follow this. You have suggested some of the yummiest tips too!

  36. Alvin from cheap dedicated hosting Says:

    Apricots and apples are my daughter Mathilda’s favorite fruits, but now I have started giving her jams and juices of the fruits and she claims to have started liking them even more. For kids who do not like fruits I would suggest that parents get them to eating fruits in the form of juices and jams, they will love it trust me, it worked in my son Jason’s case.

  37. Rhio from south african hunting safaris Says:

    Fruits are one such food items which kids don’t like consuming in their original form. But by using your suggestions we can include them in our kid’s diet. They are more prone to junk food now a days and this makes me more careful about their diet. I try to make their diet healthy by giving them less oily food stuffs. As they don’t like much of fruits but using your tips fruits can be included in their diet. Your suggestions of including apples and apricots in diet are very good. Will surely use them!

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