Be Green – Be Healthy – The New Mantra for a Healthy Lifestyle

As we are becoming more aware of the ravages of climate change and of the effects of an unhealthy environment, many of us are turning to solutions to make our homes and lives more green. We are taking small but sure steps towards a basic lifestyle change and thereby leading to a healthier life and home.

Organic food:

All of us are aware of the various kinds of organic foods available in the market. These do not have any preservatives or chemicals added to them, and are naturally grown. Increased use of these food items helps to decrease the chemical intake in our bodies and to decrease the toxics in digestive systems.

Be outdoors more often – try walking and aerobic exercises as means of keeping fit:

Step out of your closed environments. Try walking as an exercise, or try to do aerobics to keep fit. This will help you because you will be breathing fresh air, and also you will be less dependent on machines for your physical fitness.

Reduce carbon footprints by driving green and car pooling:

Try to commute with others – use a car pool or buy hybrid cars. This will decrease the stress on you since you will be driving through traffic jams less often, and also you will be leaving less of a carbon footprint for your children

Reduce use of chemicals for cleaning:

Use natural cleaning agents in your home. There are many new ones available now, which do not have too many pollutants added to them. Thus you will leave lees of a residue behind for everyone to inhale.

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One Response to “Be Green – Be Healthy – The New Mantra for a Healthy Lifestyle”

  1. mansi Says:

    this article has really good suggestions about living a green life or i would rather say a environment friendly life but it does not urges people to actually follow it.what you really need to write is how we can adopt the green lifestyle….we all know that our earth is getting hotter every day but we actually are not doing anything for it.

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