Benefits of Healthy Living – Better Physical and Mental Health

How does healthy living promote physical health?

Healthy living practices are great for the body. All vital functions of the body such as metabolism, digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems remain healthy. When these vital organs function optimally, the blood and oxygen circulation in the body is better, resistance is higher and the body is more immune to viral and bacterial attacks. Healthy living also helps in maintaining healthy weight and keeps the body mass ratio (BMR) in the normal range. Problems such as obesity are kept away and subsequently, all other problems that stem from excessive weight gain can be avoided. There is continuous surge of energy in the body and the person remains active. Lethargy and passivity become things of the past. Healthy living promoted good sleep, which is one of its major benefits. On whole, the entire anatomical system remains healthy. For healthy living, a person needs to regulate his or her diet and physical activity. Optimum physical workout every day is recommended. Healthy living also includes maintaining high sanitation levels, keeping home and surroundings clean and being happy.

How does healthy living promote mental health?

Mental health is influenced by the physical state of the body. When the brain obtains healthy dose of oxygen and blood, it functions optimally. Mental prowess and abilities such as the power to concentrate, memorize and recollect are better. A person is more attentive all day long. Problems such as depression, anxiety and many other psychological problems can be avoided when a person is healthy because the brain is better equipped to handle the pressure and stress of daily routine. Unhealthy practices such as smoking, alcohol and drugs have a direct impact on the nervous system and brain and thus, they decrease the prowess of the brain, although they do provide temporary boost. In the long run, they have a major effect on brain and nerves.

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