Beware! Your Diet May Not be Healthy

Are you on a diet?

Most of us at some stage of our lives are on a diet to either lose weight or to decrease the size of our butts or just to feel better.

But, are you sure that the diet plan that you are following is healthy?

It may be helping you lose weight but it may also be helping you lose your immunity or may be harming your internal organs thereby causing long term harm

Here are some of the common dieting downsides:

Do not follow a diet that makes you cut out an entire food group, even for a short period. Your body needs all the food groups for sustenance, so try to decrease the quantity, but do not eliminate a food group altogether.

In the same concept, do not follow a diet which asks you to concentrate only on one type of food. You are again making the same mistake, you are depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs.

Diets which are dependent on packaged meals or specific meals work very well for a short time, but once you go back to your normal food habits, they cease to work. They lack variety, they prevent you from eating socially and they also slow your metabolism.

Hence, no matter which diet plan you follow, do take care to see that you do not deprive yourself of adequate nutrition and that there are no negative long term consequences.

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One Response to “Beware! Your Diet May Not be Healthy”

  1. Mike Bern from uk accounting firms Says:

    Exactly! I totally agree with you. People do misunderstood the meaning of dieting. They just simply think they don’t have to eat anything and for whole day they just survive on small quantity of food,or even only juice. Dieting means to cut the extra fats and calories from your meals and instead of them taking healthy with all essential nutrients and light food. Drinking lots and lots of water is anytime helpful in anyway whether you diet or not. Well you have shown light to some of the important points which every diet concerned person should take care of.

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