Catching Cold More Than Often – Remedies To Living Healthy

Due to highly stressed environments and including the need for being fit we almost lose our immunity levels to being sick most of the time, here’s how to avoid the cold.

Catch Some Z’s: Yes, it is true – sleep and rest are usually the best remedy for many things! By getting adequate sleep, you are allowing your immune system to recover.

Avoid Sugar: This can be challenging during this time of year with all the yummy pies and goodies lying around your home or at the office. Even “natural” choices such as fruit juices and honey can impair immune functions. No one is able to avoid all sugars, but try to limit the amount you consume during this hectic and sometimes stressful time.

Drink Water: The best times to drink water are: one glass half an hour before taking food such as your breakfast, lunch or dinner – and similar amount two-and-a-half hours after each meal. Two more glasses should be taken around the heaviest meal or before going to bed.

Wash Your Hands: Washing your hands helps to avoid spreading infection. I usually carry a hand-sanitizer in my car and purse at all times to spray on when needed.

Get Some Exercise: Not only will exercise help the pounds off during this time of delicious meals, but also helps to keep your stress levels down.

The key to exercise I believe is finding something that you truly love to do. You might not like the aches and pains at the beginning of an exercise program, but once you start to see results and enjoy the energy it provides you, you will be latched to it, no matter what u think of, your schedule will always have exercise once you get the feel of it.

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