Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis (also known as BV and vaginal bacteriosis) is the number one cause of infection of the vagina. It often develops as a result of sexual intercourse like many sexually transmitted diseases though is not generally classified as one itself. This is due to the unique cause of the infection which is a result of an imbalance of the naturally occurring flora of the vagina. This means it can be caused by intercourse even when the other partner does not have any infection themselves as well as clothing and other items that come into contact with the genitals.

The healthy vaginal flora is made up of microorganisms such as lactobacillus jensenii and lactobacillus crispatus. In someone who has bacterial vaginosis however, the amount of lactobacillus will be reduced and this allows for the production of more unwanted bacteria such as Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroides, Mycoplasma and Mobiluncus and the further reduction of healthy bacteria. This is generally caused by rubbing and this is how it can happen as a result of sexual intercourse. Another common cause is the wearing of thongs which again rubs against the vagina and anus. This occurs mainly in sexually active women aged between 15 and 45, though it can also occur in pre-pubescent girls as a result of strep and improper hygiene following bowel movements.

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9 Responses to “Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis”

  1. Scott from Epoxy Stone Flooring St. Louis Says:

    I read an article on Bacterial Vaginosis where it says that cigarette smoking can also be major cause for this type of infection. I would like to know whether this information is actually verified ? What kinds of treatments have been effective for bacterial vaginosis ?

  2. Martha from Healthy Pregnancy Says:

    I read an article on Bacterial Vaginosis where it says that cigarette smoking can also be major cause for this type of infection. I would like to know whether this information is actually verified ? What kinds of treatments have been effective for bacterial vaginosis ?

  3. Brent from Modern abstract paintings Says:

    Many times women are unaware they are infected with bacterial vaginosis until they are diagnosed. Women suffering from diabetics are also more susceptible, as is anyone with a weakened immune system. And to answer the question above- yes, smoking is also found to be an to increase risk for bacterial vaginosis.

  4. Sam from Denver Airport Taxi Says:

    The exact cause of BV is unknown. There are many bacteria that live in a normal vagina. When you have BV, there are not enough “good” bacteria. This causes harmful bacteria to grow in the vagina, causing the vaginal environment to be out of balance.

  5. Anderson from Denver Airport Taxi Says:

    BV is usually not serious. In some cases, however, it can cause infections in the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is important to treat BV, especially before having an IUD inserted, an abortion, or tests done on the uterine lining. BV during pregnancy may cause the baby to be born too soon.

  6. Rachael from pet friendly motels Says:

    Its a common problem among women. I have a remedy that will help you get rid of the bacterial vaginosis is yogurt. You can use yogurt in a couple of ways. The first way is to eat a couple of cups of it a day. You can eat any flavor you like. The other way to use it is to insert it inside your vagina.

  7. Craig Williams from Electrician Melbourne Says:

    It’s amazing how a little research goes along way, I suffered in silent with BV thinking I was doing something wrong, but come to find out many women suffer from this anoying thing called BV. Make sure you know that you don’t have to suffer anymore, their’s cures out their, and not just from the medication prescribed by the doctor like I thought. The remedy is not as far away as you think, but to your own kitchen.

  8. Stewart from Dallas Search Engine Optimization Says:

    I have had BV a lot since having a baby. I have been in a committed relationship for four years, and I think we are used to the mess. I saw an OTC med in Rite-Aid but was not sure if it worked. Going back and forth to the doctor every month is a pain!! Women have enough issues to deal with, we don’t need anymore.

  9. Elina Chong from Leveraged ETF Says:

    I’ve had BV for years now. It always flares up just before my period, i get the really strong fishy smell, and after sex it really stings and i have to put ice on it to cool it down. (I realised that people can prob can smell it after my little niece said to me “why do you smell of fish??!, I lied and said i had fish for dinner (i hate fish), then when i saw her the next day she said “Ahh you been eating fish again!!” I said yes!)

    I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, but when I’ve had sex with my boyfriend and my BV was full on, my boyfriend’s penis would get really sore after and there would be slight blisters. Then over the next couple days it would dry out and go. I know it’s me because neither of us has STD’s, the doctors are rubbish, i went to the Gyno and they was rubbish to.

    Also, me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for about 3 years, were in our 20’s and healthy. I’m convinced that the BV has done some internal damage. Because I’m always taking the course of tablets, then after the course i have to take something for for Thrush because that’s my side effect, then I’m always using the gel so something is always going on down there.

    Has anybody had problems with there partner and trying for children?