Changes in Working Style that can Improve Your Health

Most of us spend the maximum amount of our waking hours at our workplace, whether it is in an office or in a factory or in the open in a field. We take a great deal of care about making our homes a healthy place to live, but do not make enough changes in our working style or in our workplace to improve our health.

Let us have a look at some of the changes which we as individuals can bring in order to improve our health, and maybe also help the people around us.

If you are in a sedentary job, get up and move around often. Adopt a good posture, sit with your feet flat on the floor and do not slouch.

Do not become a coffee addict. Restrict the number of cups to just one a day.

Eat healthy – do not rely on snacks and cafeteria food. Try to take food from home, or eat light food from the cafeteria.

If you feel you are getting stressed over some problem, get up and walk around. It will help to clear your head and for a few minutes take you away from the area of stress.

Give yourself a few minutes every couple of hours, when you can just sit back and think of nothing connected with work. It will help clear the cobwebs and will relax your body.

Declutter your workplace. Organize your table or your work area, at least it will look clean and it will not make you feel like there is too much that needs to be done.

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