Eating Healthy – The Best Way to Remain Healthy all Your Life

Since childhood it has been drummed into us – eat your spinach and your beans if you want to be strong; do not eat junk food, it will lead to indigestion and obesity. From the time we are born eating and drinking become indispensable tools towards a happy and healthy existence.

How much attention do you pay to what you eat?

How often do you avoid foods which you know are not good for you – even though you are craving for them?

Not very often – and this is where we falter. Unless you learn to eat healthy, you are not likely to remain healthy!

Begin by shopping for healthy foods
– Buy brown bread instead of white bread, look for fat free or low fat items, buy fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones, and buy the lean cuts of meat.

Now learn to cook healthy – bake instead of frying, use less of cheese and sugar, and try to make fresh foods, use good quality non-stick pans, so that you can cook with less oil.

Eat a wide variety of foods
– Try new vegetables and fruits and whole grains. They are tasty and your body needs the various nutrients that are available in all of these.

Drink lots of water
– Not aerated drinks and tea and coffee, but just plain simple water – at least 8 glasses per day. We tend to forget to do this.

And above all – watch your calories. Try not to eat more than what you expend. The number of calories you can consume depends on your age and sex and weight and physical structure.

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  1. Suni from Sole F80 Treadmill Says:

    It is a known fact that if you consume more calories than you burn every day, you are surely going to put on weight. Eat healthy, intake right amount of junk food and fats. You will never encounter the problems of obesity and indigestion.

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