Enjoy Your Parties and Lead a Healthy Lifestyle at The Same Time

A life without parties and without a gathering of friends to drink, eat and be merry?

How can anyone live like that?

Let us enjoy ourselves, but let us all remember some golden rules while doing so.

Drink in moderation:

An age-old moral code, but we tend to forget this when we are out with friends. Excess alcohol can harm you in many ways, and leads to more accidents than anything else.

Watch out – here comes temptation in the form of desserts:

Desserts add more to your girth than any other food. They also raise your sugar levels, cause indigestion and can lead to the all familiar heavy feeling. Eat very small quantities of the desserts, if you must. Cut down on something else if you are planning to eat the dessert.

Keep a watch on the quantity of food you consume:

If you follow one golden rule, you will be much better off. Do not take a second helping! How much can you fill in one plate? Just eat that much and learn not to take a second helping. There are few better ways to control the quantity of food eaten.

Avoid fried foods:

They are the killers, they look good, they taste good and we never know when to stop. So just avoid them, you will do yourself a favour.
Enjoy yourself when you go to a party, but take a little bit of care,  and you will remain healthy and happy.

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