Eye Care Tips For Computer Users

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All jobs today have some level of computer use needed. The result is eye strain that causes people problems like watering eyes, blurred vision and pain in the eyes. Eyes need special care and attention to ensure that your work doesn’t suffer due to strain and stress on them. Using special anti glare coated eye glasses from Zenni Optical can help reduce the strain when working on a computer.

A mixture of eating right and a moderate change in position can work wonders for strained eyes. Vitamin A is known to work wonders for eye sight problems and eating fruits, vegetables and other foodstuff that are rich in it is a great option. Papayas, fish, meat and eggs are great foods to have, they help relax tired eyes and refresh people.
Drinking plenty of water and having fruit juices also help people with eye strain and other related problems. Having chopped carrots, cucumbers and fresh fruits in-between meals at the office is a great thing to do. Besides diet change and moderation, flexing the eye muscles by looking away from the computer screen is great to do. Blinking more regularly is a simple and effective technique to use to reduce strain.

Placing cucumber slices or damp cotton pads on the eyes every night for 30 minutes before going to bed is an effective step to use to reduce eye problems. Proper lighting in the room you work in is very important. Ensure that the light is not too much or too little, both cause extra stress to the optic nerve that strains the eyes. Also ensure that your eyes are at a 20 degree angle from your computer screen so that the optical length is maintained avoiding eye strain.

If you are having prescribed eyeglasses, ensuring you are wearing proper ones by getting tested after a certain period is a good practise. Purchasing your eyeglasses from professional opticians like Zenni Opticals who sell prescription eyeglasses at $6.95 is also very essential.

Taking breaks regularly and going for a walk to a garden or an open space is also a great option to use while working on the computer. Just seeing green is a great eye stress reliever but eating green vegetables and fruits is an added plus for the eyes. Popeye’s favourite spinach, grapes and lady’s fingers are great to have for problem free eye-sight.

If you have been unfortunate enough to need eye glasses to correct your vision, Checkout Zenni Optical’s special deals like ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free‘ & ensure you get the best eye wear at the cheapest possible rates.

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