Get out of the city for the sake of your health

If you live and work in the city you may go days without seeing any green spaces: especially if you travel by the subway from your home to work without even seeing a park. Making it to a park is a good start and may well be the most you can manage in your busy daily routine. What is being surrounded by bustle, noise, pollution and concrete doing to your well being though. The mind needs a chance to stop and relax, some people use yoga and meditation, even in meditation the idea is to remove yourself from your environment. Better still though or if meditation doesn’t work for you is to actually remove yourself from your environment. Getting out of the city and into the countryside can do your health wonders. Being in the countryside with no distractions, away from work away even from friends and partners you have as much time as you need to relax and think. Truly out in the wild you may not see other people for hours ad not need to talk to anyone.

The beauty of nature as well can do your soul good, perhaps humans who evolved in nature can’t live too long without it. Humans are social creatures but everyone needs solitude sometimes, women often are better at seeking it but men some research shows actually need it more.

Whether you have certain things on your mind and need some thinking space or just want the chance to relax and forget about things getting out of the city is a great idea, you could do nothing or combine it with hiking, cycling or other sport, the fresh air alone flowing into your lungs can blow away a few cobwebs, its not uncommon to forget how sweat air can taste if you are in a pollution filled city center for months at a time.

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