Health is Wealth – Preserve it

Most of us spend a lifetime trying to be become wealthy, or in trying to preserve the wealth we already have. Often we forget that we have been granted another asset which needs to be conserved and safeguarded as much as our material possessions.
Our health is our greatest wealth – take care of it.

When we are young and healthy, we feel that we can conquer the world. We do not realize that as we grow older, our body is not able to fight infection nor is it able to conserve its energies as well as before. If we have not built up our reserves when we are young, there is nothing left to fall back on in times of need.

Not only do you have to preserve your health when you are young, but also at every point in your life.

Take good care of your body, after all it is the only one you have got. Build up a reserve of nutrients by taking a multivitamin tablet every day.

Build up your immunity by exercising regularly, even if you exercise for only a few minutes every day, it is worth the effort. It has been analysed and reported that the true worth of exercising shows up only after a year, because by then you have made yourself inherently stronger.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol in excessive quantities. Once again, right now you may feel that this will not bother you at all, but at some point it is going to take a strain on your body and by then it will be too late.

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8 Responses to “Health is Wealth – Preserve it”

  1. Adam Says:

    Most people forget that many people in the world earn so that they can get two meals a day, after this neglecting food, bad eating habits, lack of exercise etc. become ‘commonplace’ for them. It’s a good reminder you have sent with this post. Preserve what we already have by taking the right measures.

  2. cancer types Says:

    Yes it is very true that health is wealth and people really forget it. Nowadays people are just involved and busy in earning. People just do not care for their health even sometimes they fall prey to diseases. It is indeed a good post for people to explain the importance of taking care of their health.

  3. Chris from Document scanning Says:

    Your body reacts to your mood and state of mind. An unhappy person is more prone to fatigue and other illnesses. Adapt a positive lifestyle and be happy and content with who you are.

  4. Nancy from National Association of Professional Women Says:

    I totally agree with your article. Many people take their health for granted. They couldn’t even do exercise for 5minutes.

  5. Sue from best weight loss book Says:

    As we get older, its a lot harder to fight infections and sickness. So now that we’re young we have to take care of your body and be healthy.

  6. InsuranceGeek Says:

    Your right many people around the world as just earning enough to put the food on the table each day, then the bills etc kick in and they have no savings or disposable income for themselves. Its tough.

  7. Dorrien from Sorcerer Costumes Says:

    The opening paragraph of this article is so true. People all to often try to be “happy” in so many ways but end up neglecting their health…if people looked at life from another perspective and put health first they would probably see better results.

  8. Sydney Massage Says:

    Health and healthful habits should be common sense and intuitive and yet people have become so confused due to the mountains of conflicting data at every turn.

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