Healthy Habits for a Happy Life – Part 02

Good health is found to be friendly with prayers, water, and regular exercise. These three habits have the capacity to transform our lives and introduce a new sense of harmony and liveliness. Here is what else we need to do to have a healthy day, hence life.

Never miss your breakfast. It is important to have a healthy breakfast to nourish our bodies and influence the metabolism. Try having nutritious food rich in protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber, low in sugar and fat. Do not give up sugar and fat completely, but keep a check on your calories intake and consult a dietician for your specific needs. Consider choosing from milk, eggs, whole grains, smoothies, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Do not drink water after one hour of having your meals. If needed, have a sip but not more. Remember that health comprises of not only your physical endeavors, but on a mental level too. Try to keep yourself mentally calm and let not tension, stress and depression enter your life. You must think positive, meditate and be peaceful and loving. It is advisable to take a short break in every few hours to relax your mind. Take deep breaths and be at peace. This habit would protect you against prospective troubles like anxiety, migraine, blood pressure, heart trouble, and their repercussions. In addition, you will notice a glow on your face and attract many good things in life. You may also imbibe a healthy habit of smiling as it is found to be very beneficial on a psychological level. On a physical level too, smiling is helpful in exercising the face and contributes in making you look younger.

Hence, a nutritious breakfast, mental care, and smiling can help you live a healthy life and embrace fitness and happiness that would last forever.

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