Healthy Living: Gaining Maximum Benefits

The concept of healthy living has been catching on the health radars of people around the world. Due to widespread media coverage, everyone feels that healthy living incorporates nutritious eating habits, regular physical activity and a vocation providing some level of personal fulfillment. But there are many other aspects to healthy living which people usually overlook. To gain maximum benefits from healthy living, it’s also important to consider:

  1. One’s spiritual healthiness and well-being
  2. One’s general mental disposition
  3. An overall sense of balance in life

How do I strike a balance in life?

This actually depends from person to person. For example, if someone spends a lot of time on the job, resulting in neglect of family or health…then that would be considered unhealthy. But you can also spend too much time exercising and ‘trying to get healthy’. Therefore, striking a balance in day-to-day activities is one of the most important tenets of healthy living.

There are lots of people, particularly the elderly, who learn this the hard way – when failing health and ineffective medicines force them to consider major changes in their lives. It’s best to learn hard lessons as early as possible…but that’s not our nature as humans, is it? Just take some time periodically to assess the various elements of your life and see if you can make small changes early, instead of drastic changes later.

Bottom line: Avoid the tyranny of the urgent.

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15 Responses to “Healthy Living: Gaining Maximum Benefits”

  1. Gadgets News Says:

    I spend my most of time on job daily. I don’t do any exercise but i feel I am healthy bcoz I take balance diet.

  2. Hives Remedy Guru Says:

    Wonderful post on healthy living and gaining balance. One way we have gained a healthy balance is by keeping our lives simple. We have eliminated so many things from de-cluttering the house, no t.v.,slimming down meetings and work events, getting rid of debt…etc. It was amazing to see how our lives have changed.

  3. Start healthy eating Says:

    Nice post which is not limited to healthy eating itself. Indeed there are more factors necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Keep posting because I come back :-)

  4. live healthy from Healthy Living Reviews Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I think combining a healthy lifestyle (referring to nutrition,exercising etc.) with a healthy spiritual mindset is vital. Back in march I posted a bit about this but I missed the balance point - which is absolutely important!
    I don´t know if you dealt with manifesting your own reality and that stuff, but I found that since I care more about how I live my life, my abilities to manifest my wishes seems to have increased quite a bit.
    In the end, it´s all about conscioussness.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. David from Sales Outsourcing Says:

    nice article, i think that your general mental disposition is something that people don’t pay enough attention to. too many people are too stressed out to relax and do things right. i think if people concentrated on relieving stress naturally instead of masking the problem with pills or whatever it would go a long way to improving america.

  6. Terry from Scrub Tops Says:

    Of the three things you mentioned one has to have to maximize the benefits of living healthy, I’m very interested with number 2 which is about mental disposition. I really believe that whatever we aim to achieve like being healthy and being free from debt and stuff like that could be easily attained if you have the right attitude.

    I’m not saying though that the other two things you mentioned are not as important as having the right mental disposition. I just have to put in my two cents for that particular factor.

  7. Cindey from Healthy Living Says:

    It very important to maintain the right balance in life. Managing stress to attain a healthy state of mind plays the central role. Mental health, professional life and emotions all are interconnected and thus each need special attention. Making your life complex is not a good idea rather its good to go with simple living and high thinking.

  8. blogger Senayan Says:

    Nice post which is not limited to healthy eating itself. I spend my most of time on job daily.

  9. sevi Says:

    Nice post . I don´t know if you dealt with manifesting your own reality and that stuff,

  10. zac from nemaslug slug killer Says:

    Your post has made me think, although I always believe I lead a pretty balanced life, I’m not certain that I do. Although I make time for my family and to exercise etc, I think I often forget about “me time”. Yesterday, for example, I worked an 8 hour day, got home put the kids to bed, went for a run, had supper and then did another 4 hours of work. At no point did I sit down and watch some television, or read a book.

    So this evening I’m going to make some time to just do almost nothing! Thanks!

  11. Dillan from taux assurance vie Says:

    It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. Yet, most people now are finding a hard time to squeeze in a 30 minute exercise into their schedule or taking time to eat healthy because you no longer have the time due to a very hectic schedule at work. Health is very important and it should not be taken for granted. Thanks for sharing this post.

  12. Prashant joshi Says:

    Yes, We have to accept the fact that, Not only indians but people from all over the world are now slowly-slowly turning their face towards Yogic Exercise, and Various breathing techniques. Well, we all know that life today is totally diff from those of 60s and 70s, where ppl were much healthier than of us, there could be many reasons to it, But to me a person can remain healthy by just following three simple steps:

    1)Healthy Diet
    2)Practising daily Yogic exercise and various Breathing techniques

    Why Healthy Diet ? - Bcoz in sanskrit it is saying that “whatever u eat, you makeover ur mind with
    that”, So it would be better if we could just turn to Veggie
    Why Yoga ? - Bcoz we need a particular rythm between mind and body, and only Yoga can
    do that, Practising daily yogic techniques can really rejuvenates your body
    cells and look you young again. lol
    Why gymnastics ? - Now what you’ve eaten and whatever yogic breathes you’ve practised need
    some platform, If yie are not enough strong, I don’t think so, you can carry
    above two points

    So sit back, relax, and startttttttt those three steps from today itself, Bcoz we are the Tomorrow

  13. Jack Garreth from Play games Says:

    Healthy living is not all about having good physical health, infact you cannot be totally healthy until you have a healthy mind, they say a healthy mind reflects in the appearance,so once healthy inside the outside part is not a such great deal.Incorporating one -two methods in your daily life where in you are able to nurse the garden of your mind, soul and body will suffice your need of being healthy :)

  14. Beat depression Says:

    I had looked everywhere for this article - something that I would do exactly what it said, without all the fuss and hassle. I had already wasted hours of time and who knows how much time on other blogs, so I have to thank you for this article. Thanks!

  15. James from Shooting games Says:

    Eat healthy and be healthy is a very old and true saying. but if we need to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we need to have a balance in our life. We should be mentally sound and spiritually at peace, then only we’ll be able to handle our daily life in most beautiful way. This will help us to live our life to the fullest enjoying every moment of it. Spending time or time management would be easier then.

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