How a good lifestyle affects your mood

Many people assume that money is the route to happiness, and it is ridiculous to claim it doesn’t play a part. Unfortunately people always want more and in the pursuit of money other important things get neglected. More and more people work long hours with little time off and little holiday in pursuit of careers, lifestyle goes out of the window and unfortunately so does health. What they don’t realize perhaps is that a good lifestyle long term can pay out dividends to them as a good lifestyle and good work life balance can make you more effective at work. A good nights sleep every night is important, regularly getting by on 7 or less hours sleep isn’t good for your health and your brain is one of the main things to be affected, this means that as you get further behind on sleep you brain is less able to do a good job, often jobs take longer and you get stuck in a vicious circle. The brain needs more than just sleep though, it can’t manage even if you do sleep 8 hours a night is you start and finish work twenty minutes after and before sleep. Your brain or rather you need emotional fulfillment including enjoyment, it isn’t frivolous to have fun it is important and something that can’t simply wait until you have a holiday or even the weekend. If you live a lifestyle where you work hard and don’t reward yourself you will start to lose sight of why you do it eventually and suffer burnout. If you burnout all your hard work could be lost while you recover. Exercise as well can easily be forgotten about while working long hours, even if you aren’t putting on weight your health suffers, you need to exercise to keep your heart, lungs and body overall healthy. Exercise is also a fantastic stress reliever, a little exercise even if just twenty minutes will release endorphins and make you feel a whole lot better: if you do nothing else between work and bed each day do twenty minutes of light exercise.

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