How lifestyle affects your ability at work

Overworked and underpaid? Sometimes it feels that you work all the hours you can and put everything in but other people seem to get promoted ahead of you, those who don’t work such long hours and turn up each morning talking about how they spent there evenings before with friends while you were sat at home doing some extra research to put in your report. You may think these people are just more gifted than you, or you may assume that they are being favored and maybe have some theories why. You can maybe take a leaf out of their books though, and not in trying to get in with your managers but in getting a good work life balance. Naturally others may be no more intelligent or able than you but if they are coming in each morning feeling positive about life and feeling depressed while you have barely slept and just feel fed up this will have an effect. The extent to which tiredness and a bad lifestyle can affect your brain may be astonishing to you if you do break your habits. Also though you work long hours are you really working hard? If you haven’t had any time off in months and have almost forgotten what fun is then your mind will wonder easily and the point of working so hard may become lost on you meaning that a part of you doesn’t care anymore. As you get closer to a complete burnout things get worse and depression in the latter stages is not uncommon. Exercise as well is important, just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy, it may mean you barely find time to eat and in fact don’t get everything your body, and again brain needs. Also never exercising will leave you feeling sluggish and run down and as you get older lead to serious problems. Exercise after work can make you feel a lot more positive, in part do to endorphins and in part due to the way you see yourself.

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