How where you live affects your lifestyle and health

It isn’t the same for everyone, we should mention this to start, different personalities suit living in different places and where is best for you may change as time goes by. City life, life in suburbia, life in smaller towns and life right out in the countryside each have their advantages. The extremes city life and living in the middle of nowhere have each the most advantages and disadvantages with the other options compromises between the two.

Urban life living in a city and working in a city is great for the young, those pursuing careers in there twenties and thirties. In a city there is always something to do and people to see and meet. If you’re looking for a partner you may have a bigger choice in a city and if you are single you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself. That isn’t to say though that there aren’t people living and working in cities who don’t get a good work life balance, many of the kind of office jobs in cities are though and involve long hours and hard work for career progression. The problems of life in a city are often bad work – life balance. At the same time there are direct disadvantages of living in a city and though the bustle, noise and constant activity makes a big city seem alive sometimes you want to get away from it. In suburbia and small towns you have some life going on so you should never feel too bored or lonely but you can find some space as well or easily get out into the country. A stroll in a hay meadow isn’t an option for people living in Manhattan. Countryside life is generally of a slower pace, of course people here still work hard but often have a better balance between their work and private lives, sometimes the problem is finding things to do with your time which is less of an issue if you are older and settled down perhaps with a family. Children as well thrive in the countryside or small towns where they are safer with space to be children.

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