Exercising can do a lot for you mentally as well as physically, endorphins that are released make you feel a lot more happy and positive and exercise is great for winding down from a hard days work. Exercise is also good for your immune system and a healthy heart and lungs will get more oxygen going round your body improving your brain power and how you feel. Exercise and enjoying yourself are both important but they can be the same thing, many people force themselves to the gym but dread it, try and fit in exercise you enjoy and can do with friends. Even if you can only get to a gym during the week try and fit in some activities with friends that are a little different and even adventurous. Variety is the spice of life so if you do have a few sports you mainly stick to try some others every now and again. Hiking is a great sport that many people can do but often don’t think of as a sport, it is great calorie burning and endurance building exercise though.