How your diet affects your health

Diet affects health directly, although other elements of lifestyle are also important, diet affects you in every way. Diet of course affects your weight and therefore fitness, poor diet means you may have too many calories or calories at the wrong time of day. Also though if you don’t have enough ready energy from complex carbohydrates you will often feel you have no energy meaning you are less likely to do exercise and as such more likely to have excess weight. Diet also affects your immune system, processed foods and foods with artificial additives often have to be destroyed by white blood cell using them up and killing them off. Other foods can boost your immune system including those high in Iron and in Vitamin C, a healthy immune system will stop you getting ill and run down and make you feel better overall. Diet is also key in how it makes you feel, as mentioning not enough energy can make you not want to exercise but some foods can actually make you feel very sluggish and tired. Alcohol of course does this and too much can effect you long tem making you feel tired and run down. Surprisingly caffeine can do the same if you become addicted to it and then need it just to keep you going eventually. Also foods that are difficult to digest, often processed foods, can make you feel unwell. If you have allergies or intolerances this is another reason to avoid certain foods but many people who do often feel unwell or have other health problems don’t realize it is an allergy and doctors often don’t consider the option as they should. You may want to try cutting out certain foods such as gluten or dairy to see if these help the way you feel.

You may have heard of brain food before, the food needs certain food and certain vitamins and minerals to work as well as it can. Foods including oily fish and also vitamin supplements and fruit and vegetables may boost your mind and allow you to get more done.

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