Hugs not Drugs!!!

“Another road that maybe I could see another kind of mind there”- A line from the song Got to Get you into my life by The Beatles. Isn’t this the reason why majority of the people resort to drugs. While Paul McCartney was nervous about LSD, unlike his band-mates John Lennon and George Harrison- they tried it for the first time at a dinner party in 1966. They told him that once they’d tried it, it changed the way they saw the world and they saw themselves. However instead of inspiring him, – once the pill is taken, there is no going back up the rabbit-hole.

The growing number of teens signing up for the drug rehab has alarmed the government, deploying various anti-drug programs to curb the youth. The apothem “curiosity killed the cat” is applicable to teen drug use. Most out of the idea of being a social outcast or so called rebel of the society illusively find drugs a weapon to fight the shortcomings of a perfect society. The prime motivator being the idea of doing something different , something fun or something just for the kick of it. A major reason for teen usage of drugs can also be due to a serious craving for attention. Drugs and alcohol often help dull emotional and psychological pain, and this makes the young generation more vulnerable to drug use during periods of transition that often brings with it upheaval with the youth losing a major portion of their life in the drug rehab centers.

Although it is practically impossible to stop the child from coming in direct contact with drugs, least a peer can do is to make the child aware of the detrimental qualities of drugs. Set example for kids is the way to go about, only then you would be in a position to say-“Do as I say”. Spend quality time with your kids when their infants, be involved in their lives, what interests them, help them find a hobby. Help them understand how things in life come with their imperfections, defeats and falls are a part of it. Show a genuine interest rather than just ‘prying’.

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