I am healthy – I never fall sick That approach is not good

There are many people in this world who believe that they never fall sick. After all, they are such healthy specimens, life has been kind to them and they have never felt the need to visit a doctor or to go and buy a medicine.

This seems like a feasible scenario, but only if it is the truth. Are they really that healthy, or are they just living in a world of illusions? Are they ignoring niggling problems in the hope that they will just go away? Or are they really a picture of health?

If you are really healthy, and honestly, never fall sick, congratulations. You are truly blessed.

But if you are just fooling yourself, that approach is not good for you. The situation can be reversed any day.

Let us have a quick look at how you can harm yourself by having the wrong attitude:

Minor illnesses such as a bad stomach or a headache are good for you โ€“ they make you step back from a hectic lifestyle and take a few hours of rest.

If you feel you are immune to catching infectious diseases, you will not take the precaution of avoiding places where these are likely to be in abundance.

Prevention is always better than cure. Do take the precautions needed to avoid illness. Take vitamins supplements, your body needs them as investment for the future. You may feel you do not need them now, but they just help to build up the reserves in your system.

Basically, it all leads up to the fact that an easy going attitude and a belief in your infallibility is the wrong approach to life. Good health is a boon, but do not take it for granted.

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2 Responses to “I am healthy – I never fall sick That approach is not good”

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    [...] however, the importance of an annual health check-up has become common knowledge. Almost all corporates have made it mandatory for their employees to [...]

  2. Peter from herbal enhancement Says:

    The body is always in assimilation and elimination processes that not always are perfect. Many times even we have care with our lifestyle, we accumulate toxins, and there we have a little ailment.

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