Is There Something Like Age Limitation for Weight Loss Pills?

If you want to take weight loss pills, you need to keep any eye out on the age limitations for weight loss pills. The fact that weight loss pills are so popular makes them prone to being misused.

Why age limitations?
Most prescription slimming pills for weight loss are prescribed for people who are 18 and above. Only in special cases can weight loss pills be taken by those who are below the age of 18 years. The fact that these weight loss pills have been developed keeping the patient’s age in mind, means that they shouldn’t be taken by those who are below the recommended age. This is because the effect of that particular weight loss pill has only been studied in people who are of the recommended age and above.

Potential risks of not confirming to age limitations
The results of taking a medication that is not recommended for you (with respect to age), can be detrimental to your health. In case of prescription weight loss pills, a doctor won’t prescribe it for you if you are underage. So, chances are that you are going to buy the weight loss pill without a prescription. This is in itself is a bad idea as there is a good chance that the weight loss pill that you have bought is not the real deal and is a fake version. This can lead to some serious health problems.

Apart from the side effects linked to the medications, you might even suffer from some serious and debilitating health conditions. So, it’s of utmost importance that you adhere to the strict age restrictions or limitations as designated by a particular drug manufacturer. If you are still looking for weight loss pills that you can take irrespective of your age, you can think about using herbal weight loss pills.

But, whatever pills you choose, it’s important that you consult your doctor about their intake.

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5 Responses to “Is There Something Like Age Limitation for Weight Loss Pills?”

  1. Tom Taylor from Autocad courses Says:

    If slimming pills require a doctor’s prescription then it implies that these are not OTC pills. OTC means Over the Counter. A doctor will refrain from prescribing the pills to an under-aged person simply because of a probable damage that could be rendered to the person. So the likelihood of a faulty prescription or sale of the pills without prescription is less.

  2. Brian from moving companies bc Says:

    I hope there isn’t an age limit! But as long as it is safe then you can probably get one of your parents or a legal guardian to come with you to purchase them or it would be best if you could get a prescription from your family doctor. If all else fails, just follow a healthy diet and exercise your body daily. This is the best and most natural way to lose weight. All the best!

  3. Maria from Handle Stress Says:

    One of the reasons for weight gain is stress, which occurs majorly after an age of 18. Also another reason is lots of work pressure and no time for exercise. Wile at young age you definitely have more physical work and you’re more active. So, obviously one should opt for weight loss pills only after an age of 18.

  4. Anderson from Denver Airport Car Service Says:

    Well I strongly believe that there must be a age limit set for people who aspire for losing weight. Say I won’t be allowing my seven year old girl go for it though she is a bit overweight. I would rather suggest her to join some sports or aerobics classes for loosing weight than opting for some weight loss pills.

  5. William from Speeding Tickets ottawa Says:

    Ya I strongly agree to it that there must be an age limit to use weight loss pills.

    It’s possible but you have to eat to lose weight or your body holds onto all its fat because it thinks you are starving it.

    Here’s something to follow that keeps you eating healthy while dropping unnecessary fat.
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