Just a “slight” pain?

Just a “slight” pain? Take care – it may be the harbinger of a bigger problem

A slight pain in the leg? A minor ache in the chest? A mild headache?

We have all had these niggling aches and pains and most of the time we have taken an over the counter painkiller and forgotten about them. Often we rely upon a Tylenol or an Ibuprofen for a day or so and hope that the pain will go away.

Usually the pain does go away, sometimes it comes back a few days later and once again we pop in a few more pills and forget about it. We also forget the fact that a few days earlier we had had the same pain and we had taken the same pills.

A light pain which recurs should never be ignored. It could be symptomatic of some problems in the body and the pain may just be an outer manifestation of it. There are many instances of where a recurring pain was the first sign of greater problem.

Pain is a guide, it should neither be suppressed with drugs, nor should it be ignored.

Abdominal pain could be the sign of a digestive problem, or even of a pulled muscle.

A recurring headache could be a migraine problem, or the symptom of a problem with the nerves of the brain.

Pain in the legs could be a sign of arthritis or of sciatica or of swollen blood vessels.

Do not think that every pain is the sign of a major illness; just do not ignore a recurring mild pain.

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  1. Simone from Thigh Pain Says:

    Pain is a very personal experience. It can be hard to describe and a challenge to diagnose, making it exceedingly difficult for doctors to prescribe an effective management program. Chronic pain is often experienced in specific joints, the neck or in areas of the back where it can be particularly debilitating.

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