Listen to Music – It is Good For Your Health

Music is food for the soul – all of us agree with that – it is an accepted idiom. But did you know that music is good for your physical health also. It has many beneficial consequences, and often works in conjunction with medical treatments for any ailments.

Relieves Stress:

Medical research has proven that the positive vibes of music help to negate the negative vibes of stress. When you are tired or agitated, just sitting back and getting lost in the sounds of your favorite music can help you calm down. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Good music may not take away the cause of the anxiety but can help decrease the levels of distress that you may feel.

Helps you sleep better:

Listening to peaceful and relaxed music at night can lull your body into a state of relaxed slumber. However, if you are fond of more jazzier music, just listening to it before you retire can make you feel all is well with the world, and thus get a good night’s sleep.

Heart rates:

Medical practitioners are increasingly using music therapy to help control the heart rate of their patients. Listening to music can lead to a slower breathing and heart rate and also a relaxed response to the treatment being provided.

Think back, how often has just a few minutes of listening to music helped you to feel better and healthier and brighter. Do it more often, after all your health is of great importance.

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One Response to “Listen to Music – It is Good For Your Health”

  1. Lisa from Slimming Says:

    I agree with you 100%, music can have a very positive effect on a persons health and overall feeling of wellbeing. Me personally, I’m a big lover of music. I like different genres at different times, depending on my mood. Usually something ‘get-up-and-go’ in the morning, and something more calm and soothing in the evening before sleeping. Music truly is one of lifes pleasures.

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