You may consider beginning your day with a prayer and glasses of water. Saying a prayer the moment you wake up indulges a sense of positivity and then you carry an aura that reflects peace and harmony. It is important to differentiate between praying and complaining. Keep your prayers positive and thank God while praying for peace and strength. Then, drink few glasses of water and make sure not to eat anything for the next forty-five minutes. Water would not only remove toxins and hydrate the body, but brush off many diseases like constipation, eye diseases, Tuberculosis, arthritis, headache etc. These two habits would give you a clean mind and body right in the morning. The third good habit is that of exercising. You may choose yoga, aerobics, gymnasium, walk, or any other form as convenient to you. Whatever form you choose, be faithful to yourself and enjoy all along. Make sure to exercise under expert guidance so that you do not suffer any setbacks. You may do that on your own once you are aware of all the methods and their repercussions. If you already have a health trouble, there may be few exercises, which you should not perform. Try to exercise regularly and eat accordingly.