Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want to live a long life? Do you want to continue to feel healthy as you grow older each day? “Living healthy” means more than keeping away from junk food. It means taking the initiative to say “I care enough for my self and my family that I am going to make sure I am there for them”.

Living a healthy life means you are making choices daily that effect your health in positive ways.


Eating is one the most-loved experiences of human existence. We live to eat and eat to live. But watching what you put in your body is important. Eating healthy is easier when you plan your meals and chose the right food groups. Don’t avoid the vegetables! They are an important part of keeping you healthy. If you need help planning healthy meals, you can find plenty of healthy recipes on many different websites.


Be in control of your weight. Make conscious decisions on whether to lose or gain weight. It’s not healthy to look like a twig, but being just 20 pounds overweight places your body in a position where it asks you to shed those pounds. If your body could talk, it would explain that you need to choose how much you will weigh and for that choice to be healthy.


Get up and move! Get off the couch, away from the computer, game console or any other electronic “toys” that hold your attention… and GET ACTIVE. But… it’s not enough to move… you need to exercise daily: take walks, run, jog, bicycle, etc. Exercise is often easier to do when you have a friend willing to do it with you… even if that only means taking a daily walk together.

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