Love Yourself, The First Step to Improving Yourself

What do you think of yourself?

Are you a good person? Do you feel inferior or do you suffer from low self esteem? Do you feel that there is a lot you can improve in yourself?

There is always something that we can do to improve ourselves. But before we do that, let us begin to understand our good points. Let us realize that we are fine human beings and we do not need to underestimate our own good points.

The first step towards improving yourself is to do a realistic appraisal of yourself. If you are honest, you will realise that you are a valuable being, you are worthy of love and before anyone else loves you, you have to love yourself.

Now, look at the areas that could be revamped a little bit. Do not think negatively, think positive. OK, I need to improve my physical appearance slightly – that is the easy part.

I need to be less critical – that is also not difficult. If you are positive about yourself, you will feel positively towards others also.

I need to have a little more self-confidence – well once you love yourself, this comes automatically.

These are but a few simplistic processes – but they only follow the first step – Love yourself.

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2 Responses to “Love Yourself, The First Step to Improving Yourself”

  1. Lorren Van Fossen from Kauai land for sale Says:

    Truly inspiring post. I agree with you there are several ways to improve yourself & one is by some spiritual practices. It helps one to balance their positive thinking with their inner self. There are lots of points which can be mentioned in this topic, like stop gossiping. People who don’t have time for themselves love to talk about others. We need some extra times in our life & ability to say no to the things which are not good for us.

  2. randi from Bbuy steroid Says:

    I agree with you Lorren Van Fossen. I think there is a lot of gossiping goes on out in this world. It is like no one has their own lives to take care of anymore, they want to always take care everybody else’ s lives instead of their own. Anyways I have a low self-esteem but I am trying to work on that . I have been doing research and I came upon this and the article was just what I needed to read. Thanks a lot for you thoughtful words.

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