Of course you are stressed – show us someone who is not. Your family stresses you out, your workplace stresses you, the driving on the roads stresses you – everybody in this world encounters these kinds of stressful scenarios.

What is important is how you deal with this stress. Do you get agitated? Do you lose your temper and equilibrium and raise everybody’s blood pressure? Or have you learnt how to handle the stress and use this adrenaline rush to your advantage.

Stress is the result of our negative reactions to pressure around us. When we learn how to react positively to pressures, the stress becomes easier to handle be dealt with.

Accept the fact that stress will always be there, it cannot be wished away.

Identify your stress triggers. Learn to control them or anticipate them. Learn to deal with them before they arise.

Build a positive frame of mind, by making your stress into a motivator to work harder and faster.

First solve the problems that are causing you stress. This will ease the pressure and you can deal with anything else later.

Learn to relax, recharge yourself, meditate, exercise, go for a walk. Once you are de-stressed, you will look at everything positively, and will be able to handle the next stress trigger with greater resources.

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