Personal Hygiene

Whose benefit is personal hygiene for, yours or people around you? Well both but more yourself than others, personal hygiene isn’t just about the way you smell it has serious connotations for your health and well-being. The way you view yourself and feel about yourself is vital, you have an image of yourself and it affects the way you live life and interact with others. Go for a job interview knowing you have some body odor issues or acne and you will act differently than if you go in knowing you look and smell great and assuming that the interviewers are attracted to you: this confidence in itself is attractive and can help you get the job you want.

Personal hygiene is more than showering regularly though this is a part of it. Most people, in the US at least, shower once a day, some people shower less often but can get away with it, especially in winter. In summer and if you are a particularly sweaty person more than one shower a day may be important. It isn’t sweat that smells, it is the bacteria in your pores and the bacteria that forms in your sweat. If you have a sweat problem then make sure your skin is clean and your pores are clean, you may still sweat but it doesn’t mean you will smell. Of course don’t leave washing again any longer than you have to. Sweating constantly may actually stop the sweat from beginning to smell and it may be more your clothes than yourself that begins to smell so keep a spare shirt with you. Other personal hygiene problems such as blocked pores affect some people more than others and again you may just have to adapt, cleanse and tone everyday if you need to. Some personal hygiene problems are caused by excess hair in certain places so trim or wax.

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