Preventive Health Services – Their Importance and Value

Most of us believe that we are fairly healthy human beings and we really should go for an annual health check up, but maybe in a few days time, or maybe when we have a little more spare time, or maybe when we next feel a little below the weather.

A preventive health check up is exactly what the name suggests, it is performed to check your whole body comprehensively and catch any problems that may be there, as early as it is possible.

The Preventive Health screening covers most of the parts of your body, and the majority of them are catered specially to your age and your family history. For example, if you are an older man, you will be screened for prostrate problems, and women over 40 will be specially checked with pap smears and mammograms.

Often the initial cost is what deters us from making an appointment for this procedure, and also the fact that it lasts a few hours. But this will be time and money well spent, because it is being spent on your health, the greatest asset you can ever have.

So go ahead – find the time to make an appointment, and if they find nothing wrong, it will be a cause to celebrate.

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5 Responses to “Preventive Health Services – Their Importance and Value”

  1. Todd from How to watch nhl live online Says:

    Lack of regular health checkups can lead to emergencies that can otherwise be avoided with early detection of diseases and condition. You have made a good point about importance of preventive measures.

  2. Chris from Traffic Ultimatum Review Says:

    Regular health screening is really important for everyone and it can potentially avoid many emergencies and detect many diseases at the onset. I go for yearly health checkups. Don’t know if I should go more often. No advice for men over 40?

  3. Mervin Fernandes Says:

    I agree health check ups are very important in the current day and age. It is very shocking to see people in the young age group of 20-25 develop Blood Pressure problems, diabetics etc. Hence, check ups are a must and they should be also undertaken at regular intervals say, every 6 months to a year.

  4. sportingbucks Says:

    The bitter facts is, just the folks who has more money can enjoy this. Nowadays, medicine and hospital become a luxurious things when they charged people with the price which can make them get a heart attack. I mean, who wants gonna sick ? no one, but if the price of medical services can not be fulfilled by most of people, how can they afford it ?

  5. otis from Says:

    Health can be a major cause of stress in these times, and it does help relieve your concerns to get a periodic check up done. Preventive check ups also help you keep tab of any problems you might be developing in your body and hence work on aliviating it by living a stress free life.

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