Depression is believed by many doctors to be the equivalent of an epidemic nowadays. One out of every four people suffers from some form of depression. We may not recognise it as depression and may put it down to “just feeling low” or feeling empty and lifeless”, but these are just signs of a clinical depression and need to be treated by a medical expert.

The first step towards treating this is in recognising that we are suffering from a depression and this is not just a temporary phase and that it cannot be wished away.

Some of the common symptoms of depression are:

  • Feeling helpless and believing that the future is very bleak and that it is not going to get better.
  • Loss of appetite and weight, for no apparent cause. This can be the result of the body not being interested in eating or in any other daily activities.
  • Trouble in concentrating on anything, not being able to focus on any activity for too long.
  • Fatigue and a loss of energy  – the inability to indulge in physical activity in any form.
  • Irritability and anxiety attacks are also some of the symptoms of a person in the grip of a depression.
  • Thoughts of suicide are very prevalent among severely depressed people. They feel that they are worthless and do not want to live, since they feel that there is nothing to look forward to in life.
  • Headaches and chest pains are also associated with depression. A consistent headache may be due to migraines, which can be brought on by depression in some cases.

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