Regular Meals are Important For Healthy Living

All of us know that our lifestyles are affected by what we eat, but few us realize that what is also very important is how regularly and how often we eat. There has been ample research which has highlighted the benefits of a regular lifestyle, not only with regard to exercise but also in connection with eating schedules.

Irregular meals have been proven, by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, to be responsible for a larger waist size and more blood disorders than those who were more habitual in their routines.

We have known for centuries that our bodies are very reliant upon routines. They crave for food at certain hours, because that has been the norm for them. When this regularity is deviated from, then the bodily systems begin to react against this and we get upset stomachs and headaches etc. Our digestive systems, which are interwoven with almost every other system in our body, respond negatively to meals at odd hours.

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has proven in a study conducted by them that regular and frequent meals help to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Most of the participants reported better moods, improved energy levels and better heart functions after eating regular meals.

Most of us know that regularity and discipline in any form – whether it is work or exercise or eating has always been beneficial.  Food is one of the prime movers in our lives, let us reap the optimum benefit by eating regularly and correctly.

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