Tip for Healthy Living – LOL!

Laughing is the best medicine – literally

The best tip for healthy living is the simplest to follow – Laugh Out Loud (LOL). Laughing not only improves emotional well being of a person but also helps in improving physical fitness. If you are being skeptic, then here are a few facts. When you laugh, a number of hormones and chemicals called endorphins are released in the body that acts as excellent stress busters. There is a pronounced improvement in the cardiovascular function and circulation of blood and oxygen. Your capacity to handle stress improves. Your nerves relax and you feel much better. Deep heartfelt laughing can be your best protection against heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, laughing provides a huge boost to your immune system and hence, your body is better armed to fight diseases. Laughing is also known to improve resistance towards pains and aches. You remain healthy and can live for long. If you are still scrunching your brows in skepticism, then it time you begin to smile and progress to laughing because laughing, with all its benefits, is indeed the best medicine for myriad health problems.

Formulate your own “stay-happy-healthy” plans

The high stress lifestyle of today does not provide much scope to laugh. However, you can create your own laughter hour. The internet and sites such as the YouTube can be your great friend in this regard. Watching fun videos can definitely make any person laugh. Humor in life can also be brought in by friends who have a great sense of humor. The best time to indulge in such a luxury is before you sleep. Laughing before sleeping can also be a very effective cure for insomnia. So, stop brooding and worrying about life because life is life and life goes on. Cheer up; stretch your body, think of something funny and LOL on your way to good health.

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