With people ready to spend ample money to get that perfect face and a flawless body, many have come up in the past few years claiming themselves to be specialist in cosmetic surgery. It is crucial to make a background verification of the doctor and check if he is registered with the authorities and organization related to plastic surgery. Most of us also do not understand the seriousness of these surgeries, assuming them not to be a real surgery but no matter how minor the surgery it should be discussed with the surgeon during consultation. Also if you think the surgery is going to be scar free think again, surgeons are skilled in hiding scars but the truth is scars will never disappear. While most of us think the surgery is for the rich and famous not all of it is true, financing options are available. But, having said that if it is cheap doesn’t mean it is good. Time and again bloggers who review products and services alert you about traps laid by businesses, if its dirt cheap then there’s something dirty about it. Another misconception is that the results are going to be seeable if the procedural steps are few, on the contrary these surgeries are quite procedural. It is always important to understand that you won’t or can’t look someone just because you paid millions.