Tips on Healthy Living

Bad habits are like burning a candle from the bottom. To put short, bad habits erode and deny us a fair share of healthy living. To live a healthy life, you have to throwaway those bad habits that could jeopardise your health. With a healthy lifestyle, you can live a longer, prosperous, and problem-free lifestyle. It does not matter how old you are; it is never too late to cultivate a good habit and make it a second nature. So what are the tips on healthy living that promotes longevity?


Water is extremely important to life. More than 80% of the human body is water. Daily intake of the right quantity of water is one sure way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. For a clearer, healthier and brighter skin, the body needs a daily consumption of four litres of water daily. Water helps eliminate toxic waste. Also, avoid taking water in-between meal. You can take water before or after meal: consuming water during meal slows down digestion.

Always start your day on a brighter side by consuming two glasses of water immediately you get up from bed. This does not only help in eliminating waste but it also assist in fighting disease and dehydration.


Exercise your body daily. Daily exercise whether mild or intense is important to the mind, body and soul. During exercise, the heart pumps blood faster to various parts of the body. The circulating blood repairs and carries oxygen to various parts of the body. Daily exercise help reduce the human body blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Regular exercise flushes the skin pores leaving your skin healthy and beautiful.


Avoid consuming excessive fatty food. Fruits and vegetables contain essential minerals and vitamins that nourishes and keep the human body in perfect condition. In some parts of India, natives have a long held believe that industrial processed foods (i.e. canned and fast foods) are dangerous to the human health.


Virtue lies in the middle: Too much of everything is bad. For a healthy living, there have to be moderation in everything from sex to alcohol consumption, food and work. While there is need to be moderate with the use of tobacco and alcohol, it is important to add at this point that alcohol and tobacco consumption are dangerous to human body. They eat up the internal organs of the body and distorts look. Excessive indulgence in illicit sex and masturbation weakens the male sexual power with time.

As you are aware, smoking is dangerous to your health. According to several medical findings, smokers and heavy alcohol consumers die 10 years younger than non-alcohol and tobacco smokers do.


It is very normal to be afraid. I mean let your fear guide you in a situation but do not stick in there for long. In life, we can only control few things around us. There is always an alternative to that concrete wall – at least you can go back from where you come from and try a different tunnel.

Some people bother too much. They allow the events of life to suppress their immune system and before long they start having imaginary headache which later spread to their backside. The truth is there is healing power in being cheerful and positive in all things, no matter how hopeless the situation may look like. To put short, you can always dust yourself and walk away from any trouble.

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