US Senior Citizens and their Diseases

Researches conducted on US senior citizen has highlighted the fact that compared to earlier times the average life expectancy of 65 years has increased to an additional 10 years minimum. 1 in 8 US citizens are above the age of 65 years. Another interesting fact that has been observed is the ratio of female life expectancy ratio is more than that of male counterpart. Here is an infographic from LifeFone that explains many of these observations:

Diseases & Causes of Death Affecting US Senior Citizens brought to you by LifeFone Medical Alarms

The research also pointed out the fact that leading causes of death among people above 65 years of age from the period of 1981-2004 topping the list was diseases of the heart; followed by malignant neoplasm. Cerebrovascular diseases, chronic lower respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and influenza and pneumonia are also one of the few factors that has led to senior citizens’ death.

It has been found out after in-depth study that though average life expectancy of human have increased the disease they suffer from varies according to the gender. This can be understood better with the percentage change found in diseases affecting US senior citizens.

There seems to be a correlation showing that males are more likely to experience heart disease than females, although the gap seems to be closing. A whopping 37% of males suffer heart ailments of various kinds, while only 26% of females suffer the same disease process. Similarly, it has been noted that women undergoes arthritis trouble than men, with men suffering only 43% and women with steep 54% rise. Another major difference found among disease in men and women are while treating cancer. While 24% of men suffer from this terminal illness, only 19% women undergo this treatment.

Other than these major diseases there are minor difference found in other counterpart illness that one undergoes after age of 65 years. Asthma and hypertension are found mostly in women. While, chronic bronchitis or emphysema and diabetes patients observed are men.

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    Comparing the findings with those recorded in a similar survey four years ago, the number of smokers dropped from 19 percent to 16 percent, marking the most significant improvement among various measurement indicators. The kidney functions examination rate also went up significantly from 44 percent to 50 percent. So, I guess the youngsters are making a good move while the seniors are lacking behind.

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