What is Isotonix Diet

According to the makers of Isotonix it is a line of nutritional supplements that offers a wide range of benefits ranging from promoting cardiovascular health to aiding weight loss. The supplements are anti-oxidant-rich and support overall well-being. This has proven to be of a real benefit to the people using Transitions Lifestyle Systems.

Its benefit lies on the active ingredients of grape seed extract, pine bark extract, red wine extract, bilberry extract and citrus extract existing in it. All are excellent sources of a special anti-oxidant called proanthocyanidins. There are hints that it might play an important role in health by acting as cancer chemo preventives, which suppress or prevent the progression of invasive cancers, and anti-inflammatory agents. They are also thought to reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality. You can get checked for such risk factors by using our Gene SNP DNA Analysis Kit.

Isotonix provides best result if you intake a nutrient diet and exercising. Eating a clean diet means very little or no fast or processed foods. Your diet should include only fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, beans, lean dairy products and lean protein sources. Your exercise regimen should include resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training. You should engage in some form of exercise at least four days each week for at least 30 minutes. Isotonix is advised to be consumed to first improve your health and then continue to maintain your health. It also aids in making our other products like Prime Blends more effective for you.

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3 Responses to “What is Isotonix Diet”

  1. Wu from stereo microscopes Says:

    I had been overweight and pretty unhappy with my life until some time back. After a health scare I decided to ensure that i remain as healthy as possible.For that purpose I tried the diet system from Isotonix and I can happily report that i lost tonnes of pound without starving or harming myself. Certainly recommended for all the ppl who want to lose weight without losing their health.

  2. Bram from carpet cleaners Says:

    This diet seems to be really rich in natural extracts. I would certainly like to try it out. With so many weight loss diets out there it becomes pretty confusing to decide on one. But this one doesnt seem to have any ill effects (at least I haven’t read about it anywhere). So I hope this helps me (and you) in losing those extra pounds.

  3. Shaun Pikes from watch mlb online Says:

    There are so many diet supplements nowadays which claim to be totally natural with no side effects but the claims have to be taken with a pinch of salt. And so I did with this one too. But I can happily claim that Isotonix diet did help me lose weight without leaving me with any ill effects. Recommended by me for all of you who want to lose weight without resorting to crash dieting.

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