Travel has become such an integral part of our lives that often we forget to take some basic precautions and safety measures.

Here are a few pointers on activities and actions which should be avoided, no matter where you go:

Dress inconspicuously, do not call attention to yourself and avoid hurting local sentiments by wearing revealing clothes.

Do not walk around with too much money. Do not stash it all in your purse or wallet, put it in various parts of your clothing, so that you do not lose all of it in one go, if you are robbed.

Make sure that your itinerary and hotel names are known to someone in advance. If you have just checked in to an unknown place, inform a known person by email or phone about your whereabouts.

Do not leave your luggage unattended anywhere, even at the airport or the hotel. This is a sure invitation to theft.

Do not accept the services of anyone who you meet on the street, to be your guide or to help you. Take a registered guide from the hotel or place where you are staying.

Drink bottled water, wherever you go, specially in the tropics. Do not try the tap water, since it may not suit your digestive system.

Do not give any money to any beggars anywhere. They always target the tourists and can hound you unless you are firm with them.

Draw out a schedule and follow it, do not just wander around the town, you are likely to get lost.

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