Where you may be going wrong with your unhealthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle must be as much about what you don’t do as what you do do. Exercise for example is important but you may still not be doing it as best you could. A good variety of exercise may be best, firstly so you get some cardio fitness but also endurance fitness and burn some excess calories. People who just stick to one thing such as cycling or weightlifting may not be getting maximum advantage. More variety can also make it more fun, if you dread going to the gym don’t and find something you enjoy doing: exercise should be a chance to relax and unwind, too often it can leave people feeling stressed at which point it is easy to just give up.

Food in relationship to a healthy lifestyle is vital but misunderstood or taken to simply far too often. Cutting down everything you eat isn’t the answer, nor is completely cutting out food types such as carbohydrates. More important is when you eat in fact and cutting out foods that are over processed. Eat carbohydrates before exercise to make the most of it and eat protein after to repair and muscle damage and improve muscle tone. Also don’t miss out vitamins and minerals you need from your diet, fruit and vegetables are god but grains, rice and potatoes all have useful vitamins and minerals which you need as well so don’t assume that they are simply energy that can be turned into fat. Even some fat can be healthy such as fatty fish high in omega 3 and olive oil that can lower cholesterol.

Health and wellbeing aren’t affected by exercise and food alone, rest is very important and again often misunderstood. You certainly need sleep and it must be good quality sleep. The best way to get this is to wind down before sleep, don’t work late and then sleep or your deep sleep may be cut down as a result. Rest can be relaxing as well though and doing things you enjoy, mentally you can’t work for all your working hours or you will burnout sooner or later.

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