You Do Not Need to be Healthy

Let us put it into different words – you may be unhealthy due to some congenital problem, or due to some kind of disease that afflicts your body, or you may be suffering from some long-term illnesses, but even then, if you are happy, cheerful, eat well, and are able to cope with the daily chores of life, you can consider yourself to be healthy to some extent.

Health is not just your physical state, it also includes your mental well-being and your manner of dealing with all that is around you.

If you are not able to run around, if you are not able to play games or indulge in sports, if you cannot go for long walks due to a problem with your body’s condition, but you can still take care of yourself, you are a cheerful person and mentally you are in good frame of mind, you can consider yourself to be healthy.

It is a state of mind.

Stressed human beings do not feel that they are healthy. They may be physically fit, but mentally they are a wreck. Whereas some people with a physical disability but with a positive attitude can be in tremendous mental health.

Of course, all this does not mean that you should not aim to be healthy. After all health is your most precious asset.

But if, for reasons beyond your control, physical health is elusive, then your target should be a strong mental health , and half your battle will be over.

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